A Hardworking Family Tradition

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Felber's is a distributor of quality building products from some of the leading manufacturers in the United States and Canada. Whether your project requires quality windows and doors, the elegance and beauty of natural stone or the lasting value of brick, the professional staff at Felber's can help you decide.  The well balanced selection of masonry, landscape products, windows, and doors we offer is designed to meet the needs of the architectural, commercial, and residential construction markets in WNY.

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Company History

"A Hard Working Family Tradition"

This best describes Felber's history of providing outstanding products and service to contractors' and homeowners for nearly 50 years.  Four brothers, working as contractor/developers at the time saw the need for a contractors supply house in the Western New York area. With little more than the sweat on their brow, Felber's was founded in 1963 by Ted, Don, Bob, and Jerry Felber on the belief that honesty, hard work, and service would lead to success. Now a second generation family business, Felber's continues to believe in the same fundamental philosophy that has been a hallmark of the company and made them the leading building supply distributor in Western New York.